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Cloud Services

Manhattan Cloud Services

Cloud services are the future of the internet. They enable organizations to accomplish work from anywhere and allow collaborators to work together from different locations. Manhattan IT Support provides customized cloud solutions according to the needs of our clients. We will ensure that the services you get are perfectly designed and customized according to your needs, requirements, and business processes. Your data and connectivity will be safe and secure with our cloud services.

Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office 365’s cloud storage is basic, but it is perfectly adequate for small companies or for basic document backup. Where it really shines are the collaborative tools included in it, which redefine what cloud services can be. Just the way that Microsoft Office has been empowering offices all around the world, Microsoft Office 365 does it over the cloud. Your teams will collaborate more once they see how easy it is to work together with the tools available with Office 365.

Cloud Backup

Cloud backups have become the norm these days. They are much more reliable than normal backups and the best part is that they are also much less expensive than a physical backup. They are more reliable because they are unlikely to be affected by the same environmental issues as the original data since their location is far removed. We help find the right cloud backup solutions for our clients based on their size and their needs.

Cloud Servers

Cloud servers allow even more operational freedom. Your company will not be held back by any connectivity issues in your area; the servers will keep on performing their duties from the cloud and will keep providing information to your clients. We work with our clients and help them get the best cloud server package possible for them. We also provide maintenance and support for cloud servers.

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