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Microsoft Office 365 is a set of tools that can empower small businesses and enable large businesses. It is however only useful if it is properly and if people actually know all that it can do; too many people think it is just a cloud backup solution when in reality it is much more. Our clients have had their work become faster and business processes become more efficient thanks to a well implemented setup of Microsoft Office 365. We will ensure that your employees use it productively and use it in a way that is aligned with your business objectives.

Microsoft Office 365 offers many different tools; it is up to the user to decide which ones are needed and which ones will be superfluous for them. This is why our Office 365 installation begins with first studying the needs and requirements of our clients. We deeply study not just how you do business but how your team collaborates. Every company has a different culture and every industry has different requirements. Some companies need their employees to be actively able to share whatever they want to share immediately while others need their systems to prevent any employee from sharing anything.

The reason Manhattan IT Support is well known in the local industry for Office 365 setups is that we ensure that everything is fully geared up according to our clients’ needs. If you were to analyze the different implementations we have done you will see that they are all different. Office 365 has tools from basic cloud backups to active directory; it has collaboration tools for teams to work together and also has privacy features to keep things private.

It integrates with your other Microsoft Office software to provide a seamless structure. The strongest advantage that Microsoft Office 365 has is that it is very easy to use. This allows people to actually utilize its full power. We train the employees of our client and let them use it to its full potential.

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