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Manhattan Desktop Support

     Immediate IT support and fast resolution to user issues when they contact us.

Having the right desktop support means solving issues instantaneously. Manhattan IT Support is known for providing excellent desktop support technicians and services. When you are our client you will no longer have to worry about the small IT issues that often pop up; our people will be there to guide your employees and fix any issue that arises. Desktop support is very different from other types of technical support.

Desktop support people can be thought of as the emergency medical support personnel of the IT world. When you call an ambulance, the people who come in aren’t doctors, and they will not be performing major medical operations on you. EMS personnel however are trained to get there on time and fix any small problem that may be happening. Desktop Support professionals will not be the ones helping you design the network or advising you on IT infrastructure. They will be the people who will be able to instantaneously troubleshoot minor IT problems and provide support right on the spot.

    • Remote support via phone, email, or online
    • Onsite support for emergencies
    • Data backup and business continuity solutions
    • Preventative maintenance and around-the-clock monitoring to stop the majority of IT issues before they cause downtime.
    • Vendor management to select and procure the right products – at the right price, staying within your budget.
    • Strategic IT planning to help you make the most of your technology investment while ensuring your IT aligns with your business needs.

Due to the amount of experience that our desktop support professionals have, they are able to understand most problems instantly. Most issues in computers are the same; they happen due to software updates, minor hardware issues, or the wrong settings. Our desktop support professionals know how to troubleshoot all such issues and they know the solutions of all the common problems.

They are also experts at researching solutions to new problems. Basically, if you have a desktop support specialist on board, then you have a person to call any time someone’s computer is acting up. The internet not working, the printer not printing, the computer not turning on, these are all the type of problems with desktop support specialists are experts at solving. If there is an issue desktop support cannot solve then they know who to escalate the issue to and get it fixed.

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