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     Immediate IT support and fast resolution to user issues when they contact us.

Standing by to fix issues immediately

A proper help desk is crucial for any company. Anyone who has worked in a large office will be able to attest to the usefulness of having a help desk. The biggest advantage is that it significantly reduces employee downtime. Often employees run into issues that aren’t big enough to involve the IT department but still stop them from working. Without a help desk these employees then have to search around the organization for someone who can fix their issue, or have to ask their managers for support. This can mean a person not having access to their work for hours.

  Remote support via phone, email, or online
  Onsite support for emergencies
  Data backup and business continuity solutions
  Preventative maintenance and around-the-clock monitoring to prevent IT issues.
  Strategic IT planning to help you make the most of your technology investment.
  Vendor management to select and procure, and manage the right product and staying within your budget.

The Speed of Help Desks

With a help desk, all these issues can be fixed just a call away. Most IT-related issues just take a few minutes to fix. Rarely do we run into major problems that last hours. Thus help desk support provides immediate aid to employees, increasing their efficiency. Now when they find out that something is not working and is preventing them from working they do not have to waste their time. They can just call the help desk. Many small companies do not have a proper help desk because they aren’t big enough to sustain one. Manhattan IT support has the perfect solution for such companies.


Our services are available the way you want them to. We provide excellent remote support; your employees will call help desk and will be connected to our experts. Our experts will guide them online, email, or over the phone, whatever is most convenient for your company. We will also be there whenever you need, especially if it is an emergency. Your business will not come to a standstill because we will be there to respond to the problems.

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