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We are a trusted an established IT support company based in Manhattan’s union square. We have been providing IT support services and technology solutions to Businesses in Manhattan since 2007.  The days of accepting


Reasons why you should work with Manhattan’s IT support company

  • Save time and money – we work as part of your company to keep your computers up and running at all times.
  • Improve productivity – by eliminating all IT and technology issues, your employees will only focus on their day to day work instead of dealing with computers issues.
  • Protect and retain data – backing up and archiving of all sensitive company information is a major part of our service.

Manhattan IT Support provides unparalleled IT services which cover the entire spectrum of IT needs of organizations. Thanks to our team and their specialties in different sectors we are able to offer a comprehensive set of services.

This includes services such as:

Help Desk Support

Does your organization need a help desk it can call for any IT related issue? Is your company too small to justify a help desk, or do you not have anyone who can train and manage the help desk support position? We offer help desk support that helps companies solve issues quickly and focus on their work.

Desktop Support

In any organization, the most frequent issues are the ones being faces by employees at their workstations. The speedy desktop support provided by Manhattan IT support solves all such problems on the spot. Troubleshooting and quick fixes are the forte of our desktop support team.

Server Support

We ensure that servers in Manhattan keep it connected to the rest of the world. We deploy our team immediately if our monitoring detects something unusual.

On-Site Support

Sometimes, you just have to be there. Our on-site support staff assists your employees with tasks that cannot be accomplished remotely. Our experts in on-site support are also experts at communication, they will diagnose and fix any issue your company faces quickly.

Remote Support

Our remote support helps companies fix issues without needing someone to come to their office. Our experts in remote support are experienced in providing support via phone, email, and instant messaging. We will clearly and concisely provide remote support and fixes allowing your organization to overcome obstacles easily.

Network Design

The true strength of a network is dependent on its design. A poorly designed network will not be up to the task even with the world’s best equipment. Our network designers will ensure that the network is designed based on your business process.

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