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We are specialists in providing IT support to nonprofit organizations. We have experts who know how to use the least resources while generating the most amount of benefit for nonprofits. The main difference in nonprofits and other organizations is the cost; using too much money is not a choice because the money is there to help others. We offer solutions that minimize costs while maximizing the utility. With tools like Microsoft Office 365 and Google Apps for Nonprofits, your organization will be able to make more of a difference in this world.

Google Apps for Nonprofits is a comprehensive set of tools that benefit nonprofits without costing money. We help our nonprofit clients realize the full potential of the Google Apps by setting it up for them and training their people. These apps help in organizing events, collaborating with different teams, and even funding. You will be able to organize better and raise funds much easier once you have worked with us.

We also have a lot of experience setting up Microsoft Office 365 for our nonprofit clients. We know the unique needs of a nonprofit and organize things accordingly. The next time you are trying to organize a fundraiser or check in on work progress with your partners, you will notice that everything is easy to do. This isn’t simply because of Microsoft Office 365, but because of how well we set it up for clients. Microsoft office 365 has many different feature sets; some of them aimed at big organizations while others are aimed at smaller organizations.

When we work with nonprofits we focus on keeping costs low while providing exceptional service. We realize the good nonprofits do in this world and do our best to ensure that their work is as easy and smooth as possible.

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