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Information Technology is as important as any other business discipline, like accounting, marketing, and human resource. IT is an essential component for virtually every business in this world. Having proper IT solutions means you are able to distinguish yourself from other major competitors and can, therefore, attain a competitive advantage over them.

Finding the right IT support company can benefit you for many years to come. Our professional Manhattan IT Support services aim to make technology workable for your business. Our goal is to help you utilize your business’s IT assets to their full potential and help you streamline and optimize your operations to boost efficiency and productivity.

Hiring a full time IT support staff can become a big financial burden, negating any benefit that the personnel can offer. We realize that small businesses can find the cost of IT support way too high, and therefore we target businesses with specific IT support requirements.

There is no fee for our initial consultations; Give us a call at 1-212-602-1579 to find out how Manhattan Tech Support can empower your organization. This will be a no-obligation visit.

Our Services

IT Services

Our IT Services allow information technology to act as a backbone to your growth

Data Backup & Recovery

Our clients’ data is always secured, thanks to our comprehensive cloud backup solutions.

VoIP Phone Services

Reliable phone service at a fraction of what you are currently paying the traditional phone company

Help Desk Services

Our excellent help desk services perform like they are a part of your organization.

Cloud Services

Cloud services enable companies to work remotely from anywhere in the world.

On-site Support

We provide professional business VoIP service that is scalable for small to medium-sized companies.


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We work tirelessly until the problem is completely taken care of. If our customers show dissatisfaction, we more than gladly redo the work at zero charges!

We have been in the IT support business for over a decade, which means our team is aware of any and every IT problem your business might face.

We are quick to respond to your call, and you can expect our reliable team to reach you within an hour.

Who We Are


Manhattan IT Company is a customer-oriented IT integration and support company founded on the principles of providing superior professional expertise and comprehensive solutions for our clients complete IT needs. We offer a full range of IT services, IT development, implementation and maintenance services; including secure and proficient network design, successful systems integration, effective project management and installation of technologies, right through to pro-active and reactive desktop support.

We are available nights, days and weekends for the long term and short term NYC IT support services.

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